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For the verification of the quality of our electron beam processes on the treated components we offer different non-destructive and destructive test methods. Our qualified testing personnel is Level II certified in accordance with DIN EN 473 / DIN EN ISO 9712 and in penetration test in accordance with DIN EN 4179 (aerospace) Level II certified too.

We use the following test methods:

Penetrant testing:
Is applied to detect, even for test surface irregularities open
(hairline cracks and pores).

Ultrasonic testing:
Is used for locating irregularities inside the material.

Hardness testing:
Our versatile, portable hardness tester provides us with results on all materials that can be tested with the classical methods such as
Rockwell and Vickers.

Magnetic particle testing:
A method for the detection of, or in close lying on the surface irregularities in ferromagnetic components.

Radiographic testing:
With different certified test companies we have cooperations for radiographic testing of welded components.

Leakage testing:
Is used for evaluating the tightness, by measurement or indication of a gas leak, by means of a pressure test (water, nitrogen, air) or vacuum method with helium leak tester.

3D measuring arm:
It is possible to measure components with a high-precision 3D measuring arm. The measuring arm provides highest accuracy and optimizes the measuring resistance. Even during the incoming inspection can be measured and judged whether a component complies with the requirements.

The weld seam geometry, quality and weld depth can be detected by macrosections.