• process can be tailored exactly to the work piece geometry and hardening zone,
  • only the areas to be hardened are treated (partial surface layer process),
  • low work piece contraction,
  • small necessary overhead for grinding after hardening  < = 0. 2 mm,
  • excellent surface quality without oxidation,
  • no covers for not to hardened areas needed,
  • NC-controlled and well repeatable process,
  • no decarburization or oxidation of the work piece surfaces,
  • reflective and smooth surfaces are suitable for EB hardening too,
  • short time processing,
  • no environmental pollution,
  • suitable for small and middle series and single parts too.

Electron beam hardening of 50CrMo4 (hardness diagram)
Electron beam hardening of 50CrMo4 (macrosection)