Weld seam geometries

Round seams

Valve housing DN 150
Adapter DN 300
Ball valve DN 150
Traverse with levers
Housing with weld neck flanges DN 150
Sampling device DN 25
Cast housing with nozzles DN 150
Filter housing DN 65
Pressure regulator valve DN 15
Silencer in conus layout
Side flange DN 15

Linear seams

Valve housing DN 150
Flat conveyer with thickness 0,3 mm
Piston rod head

Contour seams

Housing for control valve
Housing for positive displacement pump
Pot filter housing with straight nozzles
Pipe segment with angular nozzles
Slide housing made from half-shell parts

EB welding of a 2D contour seam on a pump housing

EB welding of a 3D contour seam on a case