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About us

JOSCH Strahlschweisstechnik GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise in the field of electron beam material processing with seat in the industrial courtyard in the district Teicha of the municipality Petersberg.

On 1st july 2019 the general management was handed over to the long-term employees Steffen Philipp and Gunnar Schenke.

The company was founded by Götz Sobisch and Joachim Schenke in 1998 on the site of the Welding Training and Testing Institute Halle GmbH (SLV Halle GmbH).

It came to a useful synergy of 30 years of professional experience in the field of electron beam technology development by Mr. Goetz Sobisch on one hand and the production and trade of pressure equipment parts by Mr. Joachim Schenke on the other hand. On this background ideas and concepts grew up to invest into flexible electron beam machines and the industrial use of electron beam material processing technologies for a flexible production of small and medium series and single parts too.

Since the foundation the company was able to show her know-how and competence in the fields of development of electron beam machining technique, technology development and product development. Flexible machines and a well-trained engineering and operating stuff make it possible to work on standard and high-tech industrial projects.

The company treats and influences numerous constructions in a variety of industrial areas, applications and materials.

The electron beam material processing is accompanied by recognized and certified test processes, which are carried out in house including standard-compliant documentation of test results.

Furthermore the company delivers complete components and assemblies including material procurement and mechanical finishing according to the requirements of customers.

In 2003 a spatial change and extension of the company was realized to the current location. Presently the company has 30 employees and cooperates with well-known scientific institutes and companies in the fields of joining, surface treatment, material and testing technologies.

Founding in 1998
New location in 2003
new management 2019